New Releases March 15th

What do we have queued up this week? For me, (included a little genre blurb for those that may not be familiar):

Matmos- Plastic Anniversary (experimental) (most anticipated of the week here)
Stephen Malkmus- Groove Denied
Cinematic Orchestra- To Believe (jazz/downtempo)
Elizabeth Colour Wheel- Nocebo (shoegaze, noise)
Duster- Capsule Losing Contact (lo-fi, drone, post rock) if it turns up on bandcamp
Seahawks- Eyes on the Moon (psych rock)

*maybe check out the Karen O record if someone says its good first

Ambient/modern comp releases:
Benoit Pioulard, Sean Curtis Patrick- Avocationals
Meitei- Komachi
Daniel Thorne- Lines of Sight

Big week, what say you?


Daniel Thorne - Lines Of Sight sounds pretty extraordinary, a definite for me.


Karen O & Danger Mouse
The Comet is Coming

And for fans of noisy/post-punk, check out the new Low Life album

The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery. Proggy spacey jazz.


Really looking forward to the Karen O/Dangernouse album. Loved the first single

The Comet is Coming is the one for me today.



Thanks for the genre tags on the OP. much more helpful than giving artist names.

There’s not much that hasn’t been mentioned for me. here’s one for you though, remember Idiot Pilot? well they’re back with (probably) more of the same alt rock!


I DO remember idiot pilot. They were the first interview I did for DiS and had to get one of them to get me in the venue the back way as I was 17 and got IDed at the door despite being on the guestlist


that was nice of him, given a young go-getter his first getting in for an interview.

Zacari, who sung the hook on Kendrick’s LOVE, has an ep out today for anyone in the mood for rnb pop smoothies

Ooh, new Benoît Pioulard, thanks for the heads up @NeilYoung.


Comet Is Coming (already described here)

Snarky Puppy (jazz, previous albums have had their moments but never been consistently great for me, maybe this will be the one)

Cinematic Orchestra (downtempo head nodding spliff addled Ninja Tune bollocks that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Brighton coffee table twenty years ago. Very nice but basically dull. An aspirational Morcheeba) (I have already listened to this one)

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CHAI new one is ton of fun. All female Japanese pop punk band:


I am interested, big fan of their debut.

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yeah, I’ve casually enjoyed the two songs I’ve heard in the past few weeks, so hopefully it’s decent.

also, Happy Birthday!

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Comet is Coming is on just now.

Also going to try a bit of Matmos and Malkmus.

Only new things to add is a new Clint Mansell soundtrack for Out of Blue, a kind of greatest hits for Cocoa Tea (if anyone on here likes dancehall) and one from Brian Jonestown Massacre

That is one serious beaut of an album cover!

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‘An aspirational Morcheeba’! OUCH!


Oh man this is great.

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