New releases March 8

Sigrid and William Basinski for me.

How about you?

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Also offlined the Sigrid album. It’s about time that came out!

the only other thing that’s caught my eye is a b-sides and rarities album by heavy shoegazers, Nothing. hopefully they haven’t tried to re-write Creep this time…

Indoor Pets!

Stella Donnelly of course.

Sasami sounds nice as well.

Yeah, that Sasami album is lovely


Foals and Flight of the Conchords


The new Underworld ep, Drift pt2 is out.


For me Clive, this week it’s Stella Donnelley and Vital Idles new EP. Going to check out Indoor Pets on the strength of the name alone.

That Vital Idles EP is very very good.


Glad to hear that, looking forward to listening to it later. Big fan of Left Hand.

I am listening to Left Hand now, had never heard of them before. Thanks for introducing me to a new band today, always nice to find that from this thread.

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Love Trap debut album finally released.
Great to hear new music from italian underground master such as Stefano Isaia and Krano.

Not heard of any of these.(bar Underworld obv)

Can people give a brief description if they’re taking about bands no one has heard of?


I wish people would do this, I’d probably be checking out way more music if I knew anything about it.


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prolly this morning I’ll give the new Howe Gelb one, Gathered, a go, as the single was a lovely kind of Waitsian shuffle. Also as a deep voiced human man myself I have been lately enjoying getting into americana/country stuff where I can put on a silly accent and growl along.

Sigrid and Stella Donnelly will get a go later. Have heard a few songs of theirs before and they’ve been decent.

ALSO I’ve just seen there’s a new Townes Van Zandt post-hummus record out today, which is just him and his guitar, so that’ll probably be lovely and existentially crushing


ooh ooh ooh new Daniel Blumberg (of Yuck/Oupa/Hebronix) as well. Think it’s him leaning more into the noisy improvisational stuff surrounding his pretty yearning songs.


A pretty dry week for me. March having a slow start after two really good months.

You will have heard Sigrid, this song was everywhere

She won the BBC sound of 2018 whatsit but album has taken ages to come out

Basinski is ambient loveliness. Well, he usually is. I assume he hasn’t radically changed direction.

Just listening to Westkust… lovely Swedish shoegaze.
Actually, this may have been released last week, but just popped up on my new recommended records today on google play.
Quiet week for me then, but was always going to be tough to follow Solange and Robert Forster from last week.