New releases March 8


Indoor Pets (fka Get Inuit) and French duo Papooz.


The Sigirid album probably has the biggest disparity between side a and side b since… Lifes Rich Pageant?


I’m not trying to overdo but it’s one of the only ways to get our name out:


I think it’s great. Love it when her voice goes gritty


Hot take: His guacamole phase was his best. Blew the barn doors off of all his hummus work.


I’m on my second listen of Helado Negro, and I’m loving it. I liked his previous album Private Energy, but it didn’t feel too consistent. This one sounds like an un-released old Lambchop album or something.


I’ll take your word for it, I’ve only dipped into that period myself.


Really enjoying High Tides ‘Paradise Daze’ (lo-fi electronic/chillwave).


The new Amanda Palmer album is really quite strong. Here she is doing a live version of the final track. Drowning In The Sound is another standout track.


Yes - there have been some strong London hip hop/grime/afrobeat albums out already this year. I feel it is shaping up to be an big year for London music. I loved the Swindle record - and there has also been strong releases from AJ Tracey, Fredo D-Block, and Wiley has stepped up as usual.


I’m going to state that I think this album will surely be in my top five at the end of the year. Which I never would have bet on before listening to it.
Makes me regret not buying Beirut tickets for next month, as he will be the support act. May try and see if anyone is selling tickets on the day.


Sounds pretty relevant to our interests


Little Simz album is excellent. Did that come out this week or am I behind?


Yeah, this is great stuff. Had completely forgotten about them, liked their first album too.


I think last week, worth mentioning twice though :grin: Probably the best rap release so far this year?

Posted this in the friday bangers thread but this is so good:


Definitely. Yet another fantastic London hip hop record released this year.


Sult by Maja S.K. Ratkje

bit of a boomkat special this but I’ve just been listening to the Last Year in Marienbad soundtrack so i think it primed me for some wheezy organ.


Reeeally like GREY area so thanks everyone for banging on about it


I’d never heard of her before but I’m really liking this so far. That guitar style / chord progression in At Hollywood reminds me of something but I can’t quite place it, it’s driving me nuts.


Agree, thought it sounded a bit Mogwai-ish to me. Great album.