New releases March 8


As has been pointed out elsewhere, vocals are definitely reminiscent of Trish Keenan, and the music has occasional echoes of Broadcast too. Really good album.


I’ve just had a couple of listens to it and really quite liked it. Plus it’s only $1 on her bandcamp, so worth a purchase! Not really listened to much of hers since the Dresden Dolls.

Although I’ll have to come back to it later to listen to it properly, as I am just playing the Helado Negro album to death at the moment, and still just craving more of it.


The Helado Negro album is such a perfect record for late night listening.


Going to be hard pressed to find a better album in March for me…


Catching up on this thread and I know it seems obvious reading this reply of yours but this now makes a lot more sense:


Amazing! I’d fucking love this collaboration…


It’s amazing


Listening for the first time now. :heart_eyes:


This, can see this in my end of year top 10


Haress released their debut album yesterday and its properly lovely sounds a bit like a haunting soundtrack to an unwritten western film.


I’m hoping it’s not just me that unironically quite likes them, Colourful Life is such a tune


I’m in a band with one of them so I’m a bit biased :sweat_smile:


Just noticed even his Wikipedia page doesn’t mention CDP

Reckon he scrubbed it off himself?


Maybe he just doesn’t want to boast


Probably, it’s not very trendy any more innit (tbf Post Louis don’t really mention it either)


Yup its very good! Got a modern massive attack/trip-hop vibe from it too which I like.


Discovered this from the pfork review this week. Its very good! The experimental tag on the pitchfork website is a bit misleading though. Bit of techno, bit of found sound, some ambient sections, even some downtempo electro-indie stuff (pitchfork referenced hot chip via burial which isn’t too far off).