New releases May 15 2020

Busy week after a bit of a drought for moi.

Charli XCX
Magnetic fields
Perfume genius
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Sex Swing
Max Cooper EP

Plus new M83, Ellen Allien and Slowthai singles as well.


Jason Isbell for me. Maybe perfume genius too.

Jess Williamson sounds fantastic as expected. Folk-rock with western vibe.

Will give Isbell a spin for sure. New Einstürzende Neubauten is also out.

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(Shame they’ve joined the ridiculous ‘releasing the physical formats’ six weeks later club)

Perfume Genius and Moses Sumney mainly hut there is A LOT to get through

My main release today is Spirit Fest, a joint band of The Notwist and Tenniscoats. It was available for preview on Bandcamp yesterday and so I have listened to it a few times already and it’s definitely one of my favourites of the year so far. Beautiful instrumentation/singing/songs:

Other albums I’ll be checking out:

The Magnetic Fields
Perfume Genius
Emily Wells (who has released a new/stripped-back version of her album from last year)
Epic45 (was this released on Bandcamp earlier in the month? new release on Spotify today anyhow)
Einsturzende Neubauten (ahh, I recognise this album cover from the worst album thread! I’ve never properly listened to them, but I like Blixa Bargeld from his joint album with Teho Teardo a few years back)
Jim White (with someone called Marisa Anderson, although it seems to be guitarry instrumental noodling, which isn’t really floating my boat)


1 listen in an I think Perfume Genius may be sat firmly in the album of the year slot for me, think its their masterpiece

Perfume Genius
The Magnetic Fields (though the CD isn’t out until the 29th)
The latest Light in the Attic Japanese music compilation (City Pop 2)

The Dears!


In Fabric OST appears to have slipped out a long time after the film release

First song on this is excellent!

Paradise Lost’s new one is today (goth tinged metal from veterans who have been on an upswing over the last couple of albums)

Supposed to be a collab between Sly & Robbie and Vladislav Delay out as well, but I can’t find it on Apple Music yet.

And there’s a single from Penfriend (Bristol artist who used to be She Makes War)

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Could be the impact of that vinyl production place burning down and/or covid 19?
The Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith vinyl was meant to be out today but has been pushed back a couple of months.

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Kassel Jaeger & Jim O’Rourke - Cobalt Aura Sleeps (ModernComposition/Ambient/Drone club)

(& already mentioned)
In Fabric OST by Cavern of Anti-Matter (krautrocky I imagine)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Ambient/New Age)

New EP by Angel Bat Dawid if anyone wants an easily digestible 7 mins of spiritual jazz

Also looks like there’s a new album called E S C A P E by Peaking Lights, always worth a look for a warm synth kick


Really excited to hear Luke Schneider’s new album Altar of Harmony. Ambient/New-Age album composed entirely on a 1967 Emmons Push / Pull pedal steel guitar. First track sounds like something off the Bladerunner soundtrack, it’s phenomenal.

There’s also a nice article up on bandcamp about him if anyone’s curious:


MAITA - Best Wishes signed to Kill Rock Stars, really great 90’s alt rock vibes with touches of Mitski, Laura Marling and Fountains of Wayne thrown in for good measure. Some really nice quiet moments on it too


Mannequin metric is the one to check out to get the vibe on this I think. Touch of Delia Derbyshire and some other early electronic stuff but it covers a lot of ground really. Maybe Drexciyan at times when it’s more electro.

been waiting for the kaitlyn aurelia smith one for ages, turns out she also released something last year that I didn’t know about

The Music for Meditation and Yoga album or something else?

If that it’s actually from a few years back but first physical release. I think it’s ace.