New releases - May 17 2019

Oh cheers didn’t know this was out.

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Erland Cooper for me.
‘Solan Goose’ was one of my favourite albums from last year.

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The Pop Tarts have it. The Pop Tarts have it. Unlock the chamber


Got CRJ lined up for the walk to and from work. Probably give that Interpol EP a go and maybe The National, might not bother.


Also going to listen to the new Biffy album today despite knowing 100% that I will not enjoy it

Carly Rae Jepsen
Tyler, the Creator
The National

A very good day!

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Oh shit there’s new Tyler, the Creator?!

Thanks for the heads up

It was only announced last week… sounding great so far!

Glad to see he’s keeping the tradition of every track 10 having two titles :nerd_face:

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I’m loving the National album

I love most National albums, but this is a real surprise for me. Didn’t know a lot about it beforehand, hadn’t listened to singles

I’m loving the way the female vocals take you out of a National album! Really wasn’t expecting this, nice surprise


don’t sleep on the DJINN album folks

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This is really lovely. Like the singles a lot, but this is better than I thought it would be.

Aside from all the big hitters Hey Colossus have a new one out today. I’ve really enjoyed their bizarre journey from noise rock crazies to deranged psych warriors to melancholic indie rockers over the years and from what I’ve heard from the new one it’s another cracker. They’ve secretly been the best band in Britain for ages now it’s probably about time the people realised it.


I’m totally in the mood for both ambient washes and psych funk so I’m gonna have to check these out :+1:

It’s not really psych funk, more Field Music-y. It’s good though. That Erland album is quite modern classical in a way (don’t know if it’ll be ambienty enough for yous)

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Well hey I like Field Music a lot and modern classical (my journey into ambient music came from that direction rather than through electronica and IDM) so if anything I’m more excited now!

Well I hope you enjoy then.

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Fucking hell didn’t realise this was today. So much good stuff out.

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He was in this band

Mad innit

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Carly day!

Also The National, the Biffy Clyro soundtrack, Alex Lahey, and there seems to be a Circuit Des Yeux live album too :+1:

Edit: Oh shit, and the new Tyler the Creator! Today is a good day.