New releases - May 17


Nice. Was totally oblivious to this coming out. Big fan of their last three albums. Cheers


This is really good although I’m kind of surprised at how much their sound has changed since I last listened to them, ‘It’s a Low’ in particular, sounds like a completely different band.


Some great albums spun today but best of all for me (and not mentioned here so far) is BCUC - The Healing, bass-led afrobeat jams with a real sense of urgency - get on it.


was just replying to say that no albums should ever be more than 12 tracks but then I remembered that CRJ literally released an album today with 15 tracks and they’re all bangers


Tyler is so great


Here is my review of the four(4) from today I’ve heard

Carly - great
National - Good
Biffy - Nah
Tyler - YES

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Ooh, I didn’t realise Erland Cooper’s newie was out today! Solan Goose and Murmurations were two of my favourite 2018 albums, so I have high hopes for this one :slight_smile:

He’s also in The Magnetic North with Hannah Peel & Simon Tong; they’ve made two albums, the second of which (Prospect Of Skelmersdale) is particularly wonderful. I discovered EC through this band via Hannah Peel, who is utterly amazing.


Not going to lie, this is bloody great! I’ve been jumping around the living room like an idiot to this, glad to have them back!


Ryan Pollie popped up on my Spotify recommends and I must say, it’s an fine rekkid.

IYL Belle & Sebastian with steel guitar and (dare I say it) Cinerama-ish…(for some reason).

But a nice listen


I’m late this week but on my listening list

Hey Colossus
The National
Erland Cooper
Com Truise
Yann Novak ‘Stillness’
Helm 'Chemical ‘Flowers’
Thomas William Hill ‘Grains of Space’
Chris Russell ‘Presence’
Samsuo ‘The Other Golden Side’

Busy week, better get cracking.

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Oh nice, didn’t realise Thomas William Hill’s new one was out now. William Ryan Fritch has a new one out too I wasn’t aware of too - it’s a great week for modern classical dudes with 3 names.

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Half way through the Thomas William Hill record, might be my modern comp. record of year so far. Really intricately beautiful and vibrant. Forgot about William Ryan Fritch, had that one written down somewhere, forgot to post. Looking forward to that as well. :+1:

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Lingua Ignota released a new track from her forthcoming album. Heavy as fook \m/


Nice. Reminiscent of Malkmus, no? Anyway, lilts along quite nicely, so thanks for the recommendation. I enjoying exercising to this this morning.


I’ve been listening to a band called I Love Your Lifestyle that a Pitchfork got me into.

Pretty good Scandinavian indie/emo. Worth a listen.

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