New Releases May 24th 2019

What’s on the radar for everyone today?

Flying Lotus and the bits that Bill Callahan has released for me.

Flying Lotus, Hayden Thorpe, Sebadoh and Cate Le Bon are the big ones for me this week.

Will probably check out the Faye Webster, Honeyblood and Black Mountain albums too, but doubt I’ll get time today.

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Still listening to Big Brave all the time tbh, but I might stick FlyLo on today. Find his albums a bit much sometimes though - really great individually but not sure how much I can take over the course of a whole record.

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Oh also I think the Petrol Girls record is out today and that’s flipping great.

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Flying Lotus

Bill Callahan is lovely.

Gia Margaret album has a release over here finally. Has been available on Spotify for an age, but there’s finally a physical release available.

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Aye, listening to that this morning. Very good band them

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Oohhh and YG has a new one out today

And new Madonnatron out today


Oh! New Earth? That’s a lovely surprise although I was a bit underwhelmed by the last one

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Quite a slow week (counting down the days now to Sacred Paws LP next Friday) but will also tune in to Flying Lotus, Cate Le Bon and Sebadoh. Oh, and there’s a nice EP from Irish techno act Vlokken out today if you like that kinda thing.

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Is really good on first listen :+1:

No-one going in on the new Morrissey then? :joy::joy::joy:

New Jesus Piece ep if you like some Hardcore action.

I’m giving Sebadoh a listen but I’ll probably give up half way though and listen to Bakesale instead.

Just a warning, turns out there’s also some shit hip hop with the same name. There is no hardcore in this link

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Hayden Thorpe for me

Massive Morrissey fan but even I can’t be fucked listening to his new one


Madonnatron — Musica alla Putanesca

I’d have already listened to it a couple of times by now if it weren’t for the fact that Bandcamp must operate on LA time. (Either that, or the folks at the record label only got into work and flicked the switch a few minutes ago.)


Madonnatron for me, Clive

Also, just spied Deathspell Omega have a new one out today so will be checking that out too

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At first glance it’s Earth and Honeyblood for me today…