🦀 🆕️ New releases May 3 2024 🦀

It’s Dua Lipa day

Dua Lipa - Radical Optimism


Sia is back!

Sia - Reasonable Woman


Jessica Pratt - Here in the Pitch

This is getting huge reviews. 60s California vibes.

Kamasi Washington - Fearless Movement

Virtuoso sax. Features Thundercat, Andre 3000 and many more.


Mdou Moctar - Funeral For Justice

Another record of political, blistering desert blues from the Malian guitar legend.


10th album from Frank.


Karate Boogaloo - Hold Your Horses

Melbourne based instrumental band. Building on 60s and 70s soul and funk beats to create a cinematic world. FFO Surprise Chef, Ironsides


How is the average rating not 8??!

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Jawnino - 40

Cba writing anything this early. Can’t Be was a stunning track so hopeful for this. Weirdly out on True Panther which surprised me.

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The Lemon Twigs - A Dream Is All We Know

Prolific NYC based band release another album of their take on Big Star’s power pop


Rome Streetz - Buck 50 EP

quietly becoming one of my fav rappers of recent years. Grimy and hard hitting, but sometimes riding some soulful and vibrant beats

QUEEF JERKY - absolute madness

Project from a fun music production YouTuber. Lofi and very blown out, verging on emo rap? Silly but I enjoyed the clips I’ve tried so far

Edit: only clarifying this, I don’t condone it one bit.

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A lot going on today. I’m starting with:

Ibibio Sound Machine - Pull The Rope

Afrobeat dancey electronica.

B Dolan - The Wound Is Not the Body

Hip-hop artist from Providence, Rhode Island. I don’t know much about hip-hop really, but I’ve enjoyed B Dolan’s previous stuff and his collaborations with Sage Francis. This new album has been available on Bandcamp for the last few days so I’ve had chance to listen to it all and I reckon it’s great.

In the aftermath of an emergency spine surgery that radically altered his perspective and body, B. Dolan emerges after a four year hiatus from touring and releasing LPs with a new collection of songs, a new stage show, and a harrowing new story to tell.

Written during COVID lockdown and his quarantined procedure and recovery, “The Wound is Not The Body” finds the emcee’s stark and confessional lyrics winding through 9 new rap songs littered with strange characters, pandemic fatigue, autobiographical thoughts on hip hop, living and aging, and a newly forged resolve.

The Dengie Hundred With Gemma Blackshaw - Who Will You Love

“Smudged dream pop”, or maybe ambient or slowcore. Collaborative album by Owen Lawrence aka The Dengie Hundred with ethereal vocals by art history professor Gemma Blackshaw. Very lovely, anyway.

Mammoth Penguins - Here

Welcome return of the indie-power-pop trio featuring my favourite indie vocalist, Emma Kupa (formerly of Standard Fare and collaborations with Darren Hayman).

Blushing - Sugarcoat

Dream pop from Austin, Texas. Their last album, 2022’s Possessions, had a few fans on here, I think (me included).


Thanks for showing me that. Still seems weird doesn’t it?!
Some artists are definitely going to generate more reviews due to their profile. Smaller artists definitely at a disadvantage.

Emily Barker - Fragile As Humans

Australian indie/folk singer-songwriter. The pre-release tracks are all good, especially Feathered Thing.

American Culture - Hey Brother, It’s Been a While

Denver psych/punk band’s third album, with some of the material exploring their experiences when the band’s co-vocalist Michael Stein became homeless and went missing for three months.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly - MESTIZX

Latin rhythms mixe up with jazz, punk, electronica, folk. Colaborative album by married couple, Bolivian singer Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and Chicago jazz drummer Frank Rosaly.

Yobs - Yobs

Liverpudlian garage punk debut album.

Jan Jelinek - Social Engineering

Experimental / sound art. “Social Engineering brings together thirteen text fragments from so-called phishing emails. Using speech synthesis, they are spoken, sung, and/or transformed into abstract textures. The result is a 36-minute language and sound collage devoted to the dark forces of phishing.”

R.N.A. Organism - R​.​N​.​A​.​O Meets P​.​O​.​P​.​O

Reissie of this previously out of print 1980 experimental album from Kansai, Japan, “a hallucinatory trip of dubby bass, churning guitars, sputtering rhythm boxes, twisted vocals and unidentifiable sound effects”.


Nice! Species is a really nice song. Have been looking forward to this one a bit.

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Broadcast - Spell Blanket - Collected Demos 2006 - 2009

Hugely important day for Broadcast fans.

From their Warp site:
Spell Blanket comprises songs and sketches drawn from Trish’s extensive archive of 4-track tapes and MiniDiscs. The recordings lay the groundwork for what would have been Broadcast’s fifth album, offering a window into Trish and James’ creative process during the post-Tender Buttons period from 2006-2009.


Manon Meurt - Unravel

Prague shoegazers embracing more electronics. The lead single was great.


Another great looking release day already with just new Kamasi, Mdou Moctar & Ibibio Sound Machine alone! In a similar vein:

Nubiyan Twist - Find Your Flame

UK Jazz/Soul group from Leeds with new vocalist joining on this record. FFO Ezra Collective & Emma-Jean Thackray.


Absolutely not.


Kee Avil - Spine

Electronic, experimental pop (probably) on Constellation. Seemed to remember enjoying her previous one, need to revisit that too.

Kamasi is the main one for me today. Nothing much else, though.