🦀 🆕️ New releases May 3 2024 🦀

Somehow completely missed that the Blockhead album came out on Friday, thought it was out this week. Need to give that a listen ASAP.

Basically everything I tried this week apart from Dua really worked for me - always fun!

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Couple of late entries:

Ten Ton Slug - Colossal Oppressor

Riff-heavy sludge metal from Galway. Excellent band name.

Maria Reis - Suspiro​.​.​.

Portuguese pop singer-songwriter.


The Ariel Kalma album is great, thanks for posting it. This type of jazz vs. drone is just my thing.

What @hesastopsiiiiign said too. That Kalma collaboration album from February was one of my favourites that month.

Late to the party with this one

Aïsha Devi - Aethernal Score

Originally commissioned for Radio 3’s Unclassified Live, an orchestral reworking of existing & new pieces

It’s best described as a twenty-minute “mixtape” that embodies the connections between the concert hall, the club and the sacred ritual - or even a demonstration of the orchestra’s hidden potential.

The Bandcamp release includes an alternative, electronic version of the score.

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Another late entry

Contention – Artillery From Heaven
Metallic Hardcore FFO early Converge

If that’s Junior Baiano, I would Not like to see Big Queef