New Releases November the 15th

Arthur Russell - Iowa Dream

Will also check out tindersticks and hammock

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Is this a compilation album or unreleased tracks?

Mostly unreleased


This looks like the big one


Saw that you had posted in the thread and I started looking forward to something weird and wonderful.

This is definitely one of those things.


don’t really know why that amused me tbh.

Unbelievable Jeff!

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A buddy of mine is playing saxophone on this - he said it was an absolute riot to record.


new single from Hoops

FFO Real Estate, Beach Fossils, Jay Som


Late but since it seems a quiet week I’m really enjoying the Friendship album from last week, everyone should get on that

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Tindersticks, DJ Shadow and Cloth I think.

Seem to be quite a few Peel Session releases from Warp around today too. Enjoyed the Aphex and Plaid tracks.

seem to be two threads but posted this in the other one…

Bonnie “Prince” Billy - I Made A Place: A very nice return, full of folky ballads and country bangers
Deliluh - Beneath The Floors : an excellent record of gloomy post-punk, FFO Ought and Protomartyr

Concrete Tapes have pulled together this compilation of electronica and ambient to raise money for the Labour election fund. Includes a remix I did of an upcoming @colossalhorse track, plus a gem from @BodyInTheThames

Good music, good cause.



Looks like the tapes are almost sold out too

Hurry hurry!

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Actually, the first 50 have sold out already

He’s doing a 2nd press of 50 more :+1:t3:

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Enjoying the DJ Shadow so far but it’s an hour half long so I will literally never listen to the end of it

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Ah this is so good! Works really well as a live release (vs yer standard live rock album) - lots of things I’m super familiar with but with new twists and turns.

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The new Marcus Hamblett album is out today. Madly in love with this song with Kate Stables from This is the Kit.

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I wouldn’t get too excited, I’ve heard a leaked version and he consistently misses his cue on several verses because he’s looking the other way.