New Releases November the 15th

The new Marcus Hamblett album is out today. Madly in love with this song with Kate Stables from This is the Kit.

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I wouldn’t get too excited, I’ve heard a leaked version and he consistently misses his cue on several verses because he’s looking the other way.


Lande Hekt from Muncie Girls has a solo record out which could be a winner.

colleague told me that lee gamble leaking out my headphones sounded ‘like someone smacking a bunch of bin lids’ and sounded like a ‘bunch of toss’

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Is anyone feeling anything other than :man_shrugging: about the new Tindersticks? It was very pretty but it kind of washed over me and I’m not sure I’m motivated to give it another go.

Had nothing on my radar, but a new Lisa O’Neill EP has just appeared. :+1:

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The new Pumarosa for me.


New Alex Banks ep. Reminds me a bit of Four Tet and was like getting a hug from a subwoofer on the way to work this morning.


Always enjoy listening to Family Video; scrappy, sad bedroom-pop stuff from Canada. Aaron from Fog Lake is a constant collaborator/cheerleader and features again on her new album:

They’re not really that far off… :wink:

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I’m enjoying it too. I think it’ll be a one or the other job discs wise: 1st disc for background stuff, 2nd more full of bangers.

Happy with that, I enjoy both worlds.

As well as Bonnie Prince Billy I’ll be checking out the new Jape

And the Careerist debut (fka Hot Cops)

Been waiting for this

Can we get a special thread for this? Deep dive track by track review?

Thought that about most Tindersticks since The Hungry Saw bar the odd track

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New 4 track EP from Sam Amidon. Will check this out, the tv is a big fan

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New Yamaneko for the ambient/electronic crowd

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*should qualify this by saying Pinky In The Daylight is definitely one of those odd tracks

Listening to Hallelujah the Hills new one, recommended by a pal. It’s great, quite Saddle Creek. Excellent lyrics and use of dynamics

Lads this is brilliant. Have a listen. At least to the title track

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