New Releases November the 15th

Lady Antebellum

Tindersticks were always one of those bands that were supposed to be great but i had never got round to checking out so i tried to give Curtains a listen recently expecting great things. i didn’t know the singer had such a silly voice. gave up quite quickly unfortunately. is it worth trying something else?

I adored the first 2 albums at the time and still think they are great but his voice is is his voice so don’t know really.

(hated Curtains btw).

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Jim O’Rourke has a 4 hour epic out today apparently. I tend to not like his stuff as much as I think I should but on the basis of the previews I really want to give this a proper listen.

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I think I’ll wait for the vinyl release.


no digital release seems a bit weird - I might take a punt on that but not £27 for a bunch of CDs.

Tindersticks 2nd Album is a 10/10 stone cold classic imho but if you can’t get over the Vic Reeves ‘In the Club Style’ vocals then I wouldn’t bother frankly.



i’ll give the new one a go though. wasn’t David Kitt in the band for a while as well?

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very satisfying search results


dunno but with that name please tell me he’s a drummer

fraid not, guitarist primarily. he’s a solo singer songwriter type (also now a decent electronic musician under the name New Jackson)

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I think Kamara has covered Tiny Tears - re-interpreted as an ode to doll he bought for his daughter for Christmas.

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those Warp Peel and KCRW Session eps went (back) up on Spotify today.

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Getting some Slint / For Carnation vibes from this Deliluh album too.

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Is it just repackaged stuff from the steamroom series?

sweet new tune from Jessy Ribordy!

Don’t know tbh. Says steamroom stuff from 2017-18 so I’d guess re-packaged but titles aren’t very informative. Haven’t actually heard any of his steamroom stuff before.

Gave the track you mentioned a listen. It’s a lovely mish mash of various bands and sounds I like. Doing a Lloyd Grossman here I sensed Modern Baseball, Billy Joel, early Ezra Furman and a hint of That Dog.

I’ll check out the rest of the album.

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4th lp out today by Gino and The Goons out on Drunken Sailor Records.

Stupid but catchy garage rock from Florida

The debut album by PBDY on brainfeeder sounds pretty good so far.