New releases that are coming out on Friday 4th August 2017

I’m quite looking forward to hearing Neil Young’s ‘lost’ album Hitchhiker and Randy Newman’s Dark Matter. What’s everyone else excited for?

I’ll check out Girl Ray later. A couple of songs I’ve heard are good but not brilliant. The album’s had some favourable reviews.

Really looking forward to giving the new Briana Marela album a listen.

Dead Cross’ album is out today - Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo from Slayer and someone from the Locust (I think?). The singles were pretty much what you’d expect from that combination of people.


Yes, I’ll be trying to find time to listen to the Briana Marela album today, and also the solo album from Sophie Allison aka Soccer Mommy …

Fairly threadbare week. Maybe I’ll try to catch up with some stuff I’ve missed so far this year. What’s came out this year that’s been essential?

Really enjoyed the Soccer Mommy album when I drove into work this morning

Looks like it was just the Hitchhiker single being released today :sweat_smile:

Got the Soccer Mommy, Briana Marela and Girl Ray albums queued up now instead to compensate for this release date mix up.

I was thinking about seeing Soccer Mommy last night at The Islington. I got lazy. I think I’ll catch her at Visions Festival tomorrow.

Just listening to Collection now and it’s reminding me quite a bit of Frankie Cosmos (who I think is great) who also happens to be playing Visions tomorrow. Might be worth catching if you like the Soccer Mommy record?

I want to see Frankie Cosmos (I’m a fan of her parents’ stuff too), Soccer Mommy and Marie Davidson tomorrow. They play chronologically in that order with slight clashes. I’ve got Soccer Mommy on my earphones as I type this. Sounds really good. Much better than her last album on first listen.

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“She is the daughter of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates.”

What the hell? I did not know this!
Just discovered that Frankie Cosmos played Edinburgh last night. Quite annoyed with myself for missing that!

Got the new Girl Ray and Soccer Mommy waiting to tickle the inside of my lugs later.

The new Warm Digits is out today too, keen to check that out on the strength of the couple of tracks I’ve heard and a couple of interesting-sounding collaborations on it.

Their songs don’t have much range but I’ve really liked the singles. Heard a bit of the album this morning and it’s good.

Well, I suppose somebody will have to listen to Black Grape, might as well be me.

Enjoying new Moses Boyd on first listen!

SO far I’ve listened to Ross From Friends, which wasn’t what I was expecting. I quite enjoyed it. It reminded me of SAW and even occasionally Burial, without sounding or being anything like either.

There’s something about Girl Ray that I find mildly annoying in an unknown way, probably in the same way i found The Thrills annoying, but either way, I’m listening to and really enjoying their album. Great stuff.

Will have to check out that Dead Cross album next.

Norman Records mail out summary:


Quite like the sound of those Mermaidens and Naomi Punk records. Will give them a spin - cheers!

@BMS1 I thought the Girl Ray album was fairly pleasant but not overly engaging. Surprisingly it wasn’t a chore to listen to though; considering that it’s 54mins long!

Any Good? I quite liked one of the songs they put out.