New releases that are coming out on Friday 4th August 2017

Wasn’t too sure about the Girl Ray album but I’m giving it a second listen and it seems to be revealing more of its nuances. That 13 minute title track was massively unexpected.

Enjoyed Soccer Mommy now onto that Naomi Punk album. decent racket, this.

Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, still waiting to finish Girl Ray. Curse you work.

But I liked Pop Voodoo and I Wanna Be Like You, so hoping the rest of the album has a similar vibe.

I too have enjoyed Soccer Mommy today. On first listen a potential gem. Will need to listen to it a few more times. So far, not so much the rest (neither Briana or Caroline Says really did it for me). Girl Ray was ok, but a bit meh (BMS1 had it right; but unlike some I lost interest before the end). Guess I will try out these Mermaidens and Naomi Punk records mentioned upthread. Once I have finished binging on today’s new discovery, Jack the Ripper …

Might get some time later to have a listen. Did you hear ‘Close the Dam’ by Shaun Ryder from a couple of years ago?

yeah, it’s a lot more accomplished than I thought it would be given how many of their songs seemingly have that same style of chord change.

this is great. ticks all the right boxes, perfect for a friday afternoon with loads of deadlines to meet.

Picked it up at lunchtime, that Bauhaus cover is great!

Nope, I’ll need to track that down.

Early thoughts on Black Grape is that they’ve a pretty cracking backing band :slight_smile:

I listened to Girl Ray in bits and pieces in the end - going to give the whole record a play today without gap. I really liked what I heard but not sure it’ll get them any new fans necessarily.

So Randy Newman’s Dark Matter was pretty much what you’d expect from a Randy Newman album. The Great Debate and Putin are pretty bonkers though. And although he does humour / satire very well, I tend to prefer his more tender side and the closing number Wandering Boy is really lovely.

Also for those interested; there’s an interview on Pitchfork with a breakdown of each track with quite a funny Father John Misty mention thrown in for good measure too…