New Ride

back in pog form, etc.

Tbf, I had low expectations for this. And it managed to meet them.

Think it’s that chorus really - rest of the song is…ok, the chorus just really stinks the place up :-1:

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basically my impression too. It sounds like it’s trying to split the difference between their shoegaze sound on the verses and Britpop on the chorus, which doesn’t really work.

Not bad, but more or less where I figured they’d go. I know GBA has its supporters, but it seems like an odd path to go back to that’s somehow a bit more generic than if they went back to Nowhere’s sound and rejoined the legion of shoegaze bands.

Got to, reluctantly, agree.

The Slowdive return sounds fresh and yet clearly Slowdive. This just sounds confused. A shame.

It was strangely alright. Given how dreadful Tarantula was you could argue it’s a return to form! Stylistically it is a mess - shoegaze verse welded on to a glam rock chorus. I was hoping for a louder return but I guess it would be weird if they came back with full-on shoegaze noisescapes but it’s better than Black Nite Crash so fair play to 'em

guitar sounds amazing IMO

I don’t like that chorus at all. The rest of it though (intro aside) is great. Quite frustrating, but at least it’s not total shit.

Don’t hate it, surprisingly. Besides the intro it’s quite reasonable, without being especially great. It just needs a little bit of a push, production/aesthetic-wise, towards the sound of the first EPs, and I’d be happy with it.

Got excited when I hear there was going to be new Ride and really, really wanted to love it, but… it’s crap.

It’s no better or special than any half decent band at the Barfly on a Tuesday night in the early 00s. Production sounds really thin too. And the lyrics/theme are just embarrassing. I’ll still buy the new album when it’s out and go see them on tour, but a bit disappointed all in.

At least Gardner seems to have taken off that bloody stupid hat in the latest press photos, so that’s progress I guess!


They’ve always had shit lyrics though, so at least there’s some consistency there.

Oooft, that chorus. Stinking. Absolutely hummin’

As mentioned above, lyrics never really their strong point, but blokes near 50 singing: ‘Charm Assault, get out of my brain’. Jeez.

Going Blank Again is great. It’s not Nowhere, sure, but nothing wrong with it.

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Truly the thinking man’s Oasis.

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didn’t like it all until the 3rd listen then it kind of clicked a bit

but still, it’s quite flat - particularly the drumming. What’s wrong with a few drum fills now & again?
And no hi-hats at all - I’m wondering if it’s going to be a hi-hatless album

This single version clearly cuts off rather abruptly which indicates to me that there is either a big wig out bit on the album version or it segues into the next track (probably the former)

I dunno, it sounds like SFA without the shroom spliffs. But given that Erol Alkan produced the album & that it was he who produced Late of the Pier’s ‘Fantasy Black Channel’ I’m holding on to the hopes that the album will flex out in some more interesting directions

it has some of their best tracks, which are basically the ones leaning closest to shoegaze, but it’s not their most interesting style as a whole. Just seems like they don’t really recognize where most of their appeal lays.

I also felt it lacking in cymbals, though I was thinking ride (fittingly) rather than high-hat

Nah, there’s some ride cymbal in the chorus & especially the instrumental breakdown along with some crashes WAY down in the mix

Not a sniff of hats in the whole piece …which is kinda ironic really :slight_smile:

Hatless shite