New Roy Montgomery album


4 discs worth:


I’ve tried getting into him before but he just sound so inconsequential to me


LOL. Inconsequential.


Yeah thats my favorite cut of the album. But it doesnt quite click for me. Im sorry my original post seeming a bit like having a dig. I was going to ask for recommendations, but I just dont get why its not quite clicking for me. Because it should be right up my street…


have you tried his other albums? Everyone gravitates towards Temple IV for some reason, but I don’t think it’s really his best.

Some others:


Fair enough. His music does have a meandering quality to it, but I think that’s the same as most drone, ambient, kosmiche, etc.

I think this album is his best non-droney, more songwriter-y:


I like drone/ambient stuff. Tim Hecker in particular. But plenty of other stuff. Will check some of the other albums recommend


a couple of tracks here:


4 discs? uhh mannn. too many.

I do quite like me some Roy, though. good for moods of complete fucking rainy abandon out on your own, walking oblivion kind of thing. like all of my favourite NZ music.


love this track so much. that album is a wonder, one of the very best Kranky releases. very much of early Kranky, but apart from it. power cables out over barren moorland kinda feel. love the guitar tone.


you can listen on bandcamp, by the way:

very good overall. first disc = vocals, second = shoegaze/post-punk, third = droning psych folk, fourth = atmospheric guitar stuff. First and third are the best overall.


listening to this now

it’s fucking amazing

just so expansive and soulful


yeah, it’s very good. The vocal disc surprised me with its quality; his vocal work can feel tacked on, but it works very well there.


New one! Didn’t anticipate this. It’s really good. Collaborations with different vocalists including Julianna Barwick and Grouper. Reminds me of some of those ghostly 4AD records from the 80’s.


Really like this, have been listening to the Liz Harris track all week.