New Shit

Saw some bloke at the pezza fuelling up his car but he had some plastic contraption that meant he didn’t have to hold the handle.

I’ve seen people through out the ages performing such trickery. just some casual dark magic, isn’t it?

A butler?

I guess you are more nosey than me. I have tried to find one but don’t even know what to type.

You mean a valet? Good god, the breeding on this website!

here you go

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He is one cool mother!

Unfortunately I do not have a fuel cap…

Hey everybody, saps is about to tell us something!


What’s the issue with holding the thing?

Is it so you can carry on writing your novel?

Fair dinkum

People might have jizzed on the handle

What is the wrist equivalent or wankles? Wwrists? I was mainly thinking of @anon50098204

and of course jizz

My local pub has a sign on the door proudly announcing that they accept Switch.

Is this the kind of cutting edge stuff you’re after?


Am I following this tram of thought correctly?

You want both hands free for wanking on the forecourt?

One hand not enough for you?

(oh you’re on the phone I suppose)

Yeah, it’s either this or a vis stim holder.

What like free pint if you have over 300 moons?

I’ve not been on here much recently. I’m struggling with this one.

Then again, I never was very bright.

It’s not you, the guy’s the DiS equivalent of horse_ebooks these days

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It’s a really, really, really shit joke about the Nintedo Switch.

Maybe read all 5,000 posts in the Switch thread and you will get it.

Alright I will.

I don’t want to be unhip.