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Right here Right now ‘Out Now’ - By In The Name Of Love
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In The Name Of Love,

I started with music at the age of 13 at high school.

My interest in music was trigered by a teacher, who was working on a music project himself, writing and distribute a song himself.

One day on school, he present and played his song to us, and there started my interest in music production, mixing and singing.

_So one day i ask him, _
_how do you write or record music on a computer? _
so he explain me a little!

_Sinds then, i started buy home studio equipment, _
a condensator microphone, a mixer and audio interface, the basis stuff.

And begin to explore how to create music and recording it (cubase/vst/waves audio)

That time, I don’t had any knowledge about composing, arranging, mixing, recording and mastering music and already had many years of failure.

Struggle with your composition on some point you don’t know anymore how to go further on that point.

But i stayed optimistic and full of interest, because it is always be my dream to end up to a big record label and developing myself.

Someone’s into Fatboy Slim… or the Supremes…

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