New Slowdive


When the band decided to get back together in 2014 we really wanted to make new music. It’s taken us a whole load of shows and a few false starts to get to that point, but it’s with pride and a certain trepidation we unleash “Star Roving”. We really hope folks enjoy it, it’s part of a bunch of new tracks we’ve been working on and it feels as fun, and as relevant playing together now as it did when we first started.


I’ve literally just wet myself with excitement.


Seriously though, I like that a lot. Classic shoegazey riff but much more direct/motorik than anything they’ve done before. Would have liked a bit more Rachel in the vocals, but you can’t have everything in one track. Excited to hear the rest of the new stuff…

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That’s damn good, that is. You can download for free off their website I think, but annoyingly it hasn’t made its way to Spotify yet.

Was litening to Souvlaki and Pygmalion all of yesteday so this is great news

I’ve never listened to Slowdive before but I like this

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I like this, a lot.

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Take it eeeeeaaasssyyy

Will listen to this when I get home

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Fuck. on a train. download at hotel tonight. wetting myself.

Shit me this is good!


I like it, but I feel like it builds towards something that never really comes.

Though I like it better than a lot of other shoegaze, I really can’t help but think “yep, this sounds like shoegaze.” I get the excitement, and I wasn’t really expecting Slowdive to do anything but what they normally do, but I still felt like a random bandcamp search would turn up plenty of bands doing the same exact thing.

S’alright. Would love to see them live though.

Absolutely intriguing.

The first 30-40 seconds sends a shiver down the spine. It’s then a driving tune that sounds instantly like slowdive but then not at the same time. Vocal very mojave 3 style in my view.

Basically I love it and if this is representative of the new album then it’s already my album of the year

Whoop, slowdive are back :heart:


Yes! Can’t wait to get home from work now to give this a proper listen!

I’m a fan of Slowdive, not a big one and I don’t often listen to their stuff but when it’s on I enjoy it.

This is really good though, much better than I expected. It manages to be just different enough to not sound completely derivative. Nice production too. Really interested to hear more!

it’s on there now

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Just them still releasing music after all the critical panning they had back in the day is a triumph. I really liked it - rhythm section kicks in nicely, guitars do interesting things and vocals were more lucid than before which is a good thing. I’m not sure it was space exploration but rather a nice drive in sunny California in terms of vibe but excited for the album now.

This new track is really great.

Recently I watched the Slowdive documentary from Pitchfork. Well worth a watch if you’ve not seen it:


Very well put…I would agree on all counts with you paul(pog?)ba …I have loved seeing the shoegazing bands reform and play live - MBV and Ride both incredible live, Slowdive very strong (though I prefer on record), Chapterhouse were superb and I enjoyed Lush too.
Anyway in terms of post reformation releases: the MBV release (whilst not universally loved) was to my ears a fine release and one of my picks of the decade…this Slowdive single is better than I could have hoped…and the new Ride songs aired live showed promise too…
Great stuff

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