New social media influencer ideas


Graveyard Gardener
Flower arrangements for graves of historical figures for whom I make up twee histories.

Dog Dentist
Not a dentist for dogs, but a dog who is a dentist (for dogs). Amusing costumes perhaps? Unsure. Maybe workshop this.

Pub Toilet Rater
“Adequate paper provision (thick sheet), lacklustre soaps. 6/10”

I’m…not sure this is even a thread? Sorry.


My colleague keeps saying he’s going to set up an Instagram where everyday he celebrates whatever spurious “day” it is (I believe today is International Beer Day). Reckon it might work.


Happy social media account creation day higgy


my mates band did this on their last “toilet tour” of the UK, it was very good


Read that as pube toilet rater :sob: “this ones got a nice curl 8/10”


alright well i’ll strike that one from the available options.


"for some reason there’s two pubes in the sink. worrying. 2/10


Pug Toilet Rater - Xylo’s thing only with pugs.


see this is the sort of innovation that will make you ££ in youtube adverts


It is a cold hard fact that involving a pug somehow doubles your follower count.


so two, then.




I reckon a carefully curated travel instagran where my professional photographer captures me looking wistful by some sunflowers, cliff diving or shovelling disgusting food I’ve been paid to eat.


THIS i want to hear more about


got a great one but it’s probably too good to share


oh go on then.

Should make anti-videos.


Basically just 30 minutes to an hour long videos of just silence, occasionally you take a sip of tea or nip to the loo. Then back to your comptuer and just sit doing nothing not acknowledging anything.


I’d watch that.

Well, I’d watch you doing that.


I might do that actually


i’d love this


Idles are doing something similar with chocolate milk