New Sopranos coming out

True story.

One user who I think will be delighted with this news- @ericVI



No thanks.

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I suppose being set in the 60s is slightly better than a “Tony in his 20s” film, but I’m still very much against this.

it might be good




Did anyone watch Not Fade Away? Any good?

I will be if it’s good!

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So will it be more of Junior and Johnny Boy roaming around Newark??

I wasn’t a great fan of those flashback episodes, served the story to an extent but don’t want too much of it - i think Johnny and Livia were too caricaturish


This sounds deeply uninteresting.

The film format doesn’t really sound like the best for something connected to The Sopranos and I agree with @PaintyCanNed that the flashbacks weren’t particularly amazing as a part of the show.

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Likelihood is that it wont be good but i think david chase aint no dumbo, reckon he might could pull this off.


Wonder if he’s playing us and it’s basically just going to be a really good film about the riots with a moment including Uncle Junior and Johnny Boy that’s similar to the cameo of Randolph and Mortimer Duke in Coming to America?

I just think he doesn’t even need to touch the Sopranos characters

could be a great film set in that time zone, without reference to Sopranos


and why does everything have to be part of a fucking ‘universe’ now???

Star Wars universe! Marvel universe! Sopranos universe!!

I even read something recently where the Good Place is part of the Parks & Recs universe!

I mean I think it’s more just a new term for an existing thing that’s always been around - fiction writers have often toyed with having connections between their works.

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I get that it’s sometimes nice to have a little easter egg to find. But it’s this feeling that a cinematic universe is some big construct - some monstrous world that feels a bit much at times. Suits things like Star Wars, Marvel etc

I just think David Chase could easily come up with a great standalone story without going back to the well

(funnily enough, i had to rewrite the ‘going back to the well’ reference a bit because I mixed it up completely, a la Little Carmine)

I mean in this case, given how badly his last film did, I do wonder if someone said to him, “Can you rewrite this to link to The Sopranos so we can get more audience?”

I also get what you mean about universe and it’s all Marvel’s fault for being so successful with something like this. I mean with umpteen Clone Wars things, two Ewok movies, 80s kids cartoons and the novels, Star Wars had a universe but it never had a Universe until Marvel made the MCU work. This linked stories being termed a ‘Universe’ thing is fairly boring.