New Spectres album out friday


with a nsfw video of a new track:

noisy psych/shoegaze stuff.


Replying to remind me to check this later


Enjoyed their last album very much so will be checking this out. Anyone listen the remix album? That was supposed to be good too…


Picked this up on Saturday at the Cube show, it’s great.


Like the couple of tracks I’ve heard on Tom Ravenscroft and just got their previous album on the back of that.


It’s louder and more abrasive than their debut

Glad to hear it.


I’m about halfway through it now; does it get better? this is pretty disappointing, to be honest.


the main problem is that the more aggressive tracks only serve to contrast the slower ones whereas they stood out on their own on the last album. The added texture is interesting, but there’s not much really done with it.