New Spread


News pread

Is that an anagram?

Yes! Whats this all about?

It is!

The spacing between the voting users (I consider those three to be users).

fuck sake thought this would be about jam


Very unnerving.

I know - noticed it myself when posting my screen shot in the other thread. Whats it all about though?


Already eaten ta.

Fucking hell. Ive turned into keavney.

I consider myself to be more of a microphone abuser, thanks.

About time someone stepped up to the plate and did the right thing round here.

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Can’t believe the dis one percenters can call something tory. The cheek

To be in the one percent, you’d need to be earning over c.£170k. That’s DiSsers all over, obviously.

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I was going to suggest I meant the top 1% of DiS users but that would imply 300 people use these forums

Ah, I get you. Only just noticed who the three are.

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