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I made said playlist a while ago (though it’s a 10 track- 6 from HT, 4 from LT) To be honest, I feel LT is pretty underrated and is a fairly solid, if unspectacular, album in its own right. My tracklist was

Real World
Lucky Town
Soul Driver
If I Should Fall Behind
With Every Wish
Roll Of The Dice
Living Proof
I Wish I Were Blind
Man’s Job
My Beautiful Reward


Sweet. Lucky Town and If I Should Fall Behind are the only two I know from that list, so I’ll give this a shot. Just remember really disliking the sound of those two albums in general. Not a fan of those guitar tones at all…

Yeah, HT in particular is all over the place, production wise, but there is some salvageable material there. LT went the other way and was recorded quickly and with minimal fuss. I personally don’t mind the ‘twangy’ sound on it but can see why others may be put off.

Surprised to see My Father’s House with no votes. That’s my third favourite after Atlantic City and Highway Patrolman

The weird thing about The River is that he did have enough great songs for a really decent double album.

Ditch Crush on You, I Wanna Marry You, I’m a Rocker, Ramrod and You Can Look and instead add in Roulette, Stray Bullet, Held up Without a Gun and Living on the Edge of the World and it’s much better without changing the feel that much.

Basically he chose to include all of the dumbest songs he wrote in those sessions for some reason (Born in the USA has the same problem)

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Yeah, disc 2 of ‘Tracks’ has loads of great songs from those sessions/era. This one is one of my absolute favourites!


Did a reading of If I Should Fall Behind at an ATD’s wedding :heart:.


That’s great. My wife and I had it as our first dance.


Aww that’s lovely, it’s a beut. The Grant Mclennan version is gorgeous. Not on Spotifybook etc though.

Oh wait though…

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One of my absolutely favourites of his as well. Was amazed, and overjoyed, to see him perform it live in Hyde Park a few years back.

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I was there for that, remember him introducing it by saying a fan had basically followed him around Europe with a massive sign requesting it in the front row of every gig on the tour. Was it you?


Ha! No, I’m a big Springsteen fan, and have seen him quite a few times in the UK, but I’m not at that level!

I remember it very clearly though. He read out the sign and listed off the cities where the guy had unsuccessfully requested the song in a very funny way.

When they actually started playing it I had a moment of sheer disbelief, then went nuts. Everyone around me was like “what the fuck is this guy so excited about??”.

Just looked it up, and he’s only played it 10 times ever, so that was quite the coup. Think I was more excited about that than McCartney at the end!


My sister reading of it at my wedding!

It is an absolutely beautiful song.


It’s been on my wishlist for a very long time, alas, it doesn’t seem like I’ll get to see this at one of his gigs. Glad you got to experience it.

I wish you well in the posts to come


This is really good, I’m a sucker for Obama despite his hawkishness
There’s something nice and wholesome about it, like listening to a streaming drink talk to a hot water bottle in a scarf.

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Obama really sounds like Partridge on The Oasthouse at the start of the first episode

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