New street lingo you’re not sure of


Sam from work said I’ve got a “swerve” jacket on. No idea what she meant but under interrogation she said it meant “sexy but stylish”.

Really not sure about this.


I’m still not sure what “your MCM” means


That’s peak.


Your 1900?


Is this still ‘man crush monday’ or does it mean something else now?


Can’t remember what GOAT means. Keep thinking that the last bit is ‘absolute twat’, but that can’t be right.


Who knows


If it’s new street lingo it probably won’t turn up on google.


My son went out with his mandem yesterday. Apparently, one or two of them are G s and there is the odd roadman. It was peng/piffting .


consolotary pat on the back



Does this mean I’ve not been overtaken by the kids yet?


Are you sure she wasn’t just mispronouncing “suave”?


this must be it :smile:


goatest :goat: of all time


Peak means bad.
“I was on the train and DiS wouldn’t load on my phone”
“Ah, mate. That’s peak”




Heard some young 'uns this morning discussing Cornish pasties.

YU1: What’s a Cornish pasty?
YU2: Oh my fucking god!
YU3: What the fuck is it?
YU4: Oh my fucking god bro!

Went on like that for a while. Great convo and I was sad when our paths diverged.


"somebody told me i look like that clapped out british astronaut "
“ah, mate. that’s peake”


“How did that comparison make you feel?”
“Irritated and resentful.”
“Ah, mate. That’s pique.”


train broke down and now i’m stuck in sheffield
ah mate, that’s peak.