New sub-forums are live

Hello again!

We’ve rolled out several new sub-forums that are accessible from the front page of these forums. There are now dedicated forums for (non-music) entertainment, news/politics, sports, and one for serious discussion about heavier topics (accessible only to registered users of the site).

Please have a look around, and feel free to drop any questions you might have either here or in a DM :slight_smile:


I don’t see the serious discussion forum, is there something beyond being a registered user needed to see it?

You can presumably take the football reference out of the Social forum description now.

Oops, my bad – hadn’t made it quite as live as the other ones yet. Check back in two minutes!

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very excited to mute the Sportsball board


Looks great, good job. I think this is a Good Thing.


I like the concept, now I hope you will all actually use them!

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I can see them but can’t post in them.

That’s weird! Everyone who sees it (which everyone who’s ever posted on DiS should do) should also be able to post in it. I’ll have a look.

Wait, apparently I can. Assumed the padlocks meant I couldn’t.

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Oh right. Sorry if that’s confusing – don’t think we can opt out of the padlocks as long as it’s not fully public.

One minor annoyance for me is that the Serious Matters board having a long name means the homepage now annoyingly scrolls side to side for me

Would it be possible to just put the ‘Members Only’ part in the board description?

If people would prefer to keep it in the title like it is now though it’s fine, I’ll get used to it!

Can see that that’s annoying! Will look at it tomorrow :blush:

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Cheers wr!

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Please remind me if you don’t see any change :innocent:

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I have a question;

is there anyway of seeing the whole site content without the sub forums being separated out?

The way it’s set up now is that one has to click around from sub to sub to see where people are chatting/what people are chatting about

I know that for a lot of people that’s a big improvement and certain things have been moved out of the way of their daily usage but for me …and I guess for others who don’t really have any problems with any specific content is there any way to view an latest aggregate of all the boards?

Am I explaining this properly ?

Basically, does discourse have the functionality to list the latest postings, irrespective of which sub forums they are on?

Or maybe even a view where the users can select away those subs they’re not interest in and therefor have a customised aggregate view

would be really useful and probably improve engagement to have something like this

forgive me if this is already a thing and I have failed to figure out how to do it

Yep, hit the menu icon next to your avatar and then “Latest”

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Actually wileycat’s explained it better here, along with how to make that the default view and also mute certain categories if you want


cool beans

thanks cutthelights & thanks @wileycat


not a priority but just a little reminder in case it’s been forgotten :cowboy_hat_face:

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Better now?