New sun on SUNDAY Thread

At work so little interaction from me but have a good Sunday people.


Online order coming today.

Not a great week so far, huge list of complaints spoilered nephew collapsed yesterday and they’ve discovered a heart problem, my uncle died, 2 other relatives rushed into hospital, m fell off the armchair head first into the top of a radiator , decided to share with a friend how much I’m struggling and she has blanked me since, and I waited in all day yesterday for a friend who was going to cycle past and wave to us (she’s m’s favourite person) and she just didn’t bother to come or contact us, behind in work and uni, and have had maybe 8 hours sleep since last Sunday.

Hello, hope work goes well and you don’t lose too much money betting with @discobot

I’m beginning to think he’s a rotter

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Not now, thank you

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Morning @midnightpunk @Scout @discobot and @blimeycharlie

I’ve got a sore eye: a bit of stray beard clipping ended up flying into my eye last night when I was trimming it, and it must still be there or something.

Sending hugs (but not a weird hands emoji) to @scout and @tilty and anyone else who’s having a shitty time at the moment x


Working a late today, so a lazy morning in store

These things always come at once and make life feel impossible…keep doing your best. Things will get better.

Hope you’re ok X

Good Sunday to all X


Not complaints at all, genuine things that would make an awful week for anyone and it is beyond rubbish that you got dealt so much at once x



Made the worst porridge I think I might have ever made.

R woke up and then stayed in bed silently for 10 minutes or so, that was pretty nice.

Bruises on my arm where R bit me earlier in the week are so close to looking like a smiley face that it is a bit annoying there is just one bit ruining it.

No plans today, for a change of pace.



Morning all. Anglos a Sunday

Woken up at 6 by one of the kittens smashing a glass in the kitchen, which was a great start to the day. Once we’re all dressed we’ll probably find a hill to crunch on some frost, but other than that, no plans

Hope you have a better day today. Is the pressure going to ease off any time soon?

That sheep one has strong Christian Bookshop vibes to it.

it’s really lovely




Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Not likely, when lockdown ends basically. Uni deadlines are 18th and 25th but unless I sacrifice the 3 hours a night I have scheduled to actually sleep then its not going to happen and tbh there’s not enough time even if I did that. Work is really busy until at least March as loads of our town centre work is due to complete then and I’m on a probation period and the boss keeps mentioning, like, multiple times a day, how she’s expecting me to prove myself.

None of it is possible :see_no_evil::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Beautiful frost outside - perfect frozen mud winter mountain biking weather and I can’t partake cos I’m still ill


Cloudy and freezing here. Was gonna go for a bike but I cba. Put some bread on and discovered a bag of flour infested with weevils so that’s nice isn’t it.

Gonna drink coffee and play Zelda I guess. Might go outside if the sun comes out.

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It’s a nightmare - it feels like there’s been no allowance anywhere for everyone who suddenly has so much extra childcare to support. It’s hard for us with two of us, so I can only imagine and sympathise with how difficult it must be for you.