New System Of A Down

First new music in nearly 15 years is a double A-side single - ‘Protect The Land/Genocidal Humanoidz’ for a charity drive.

Like they’ve never been away - sounds familiar while being new of course. PtL is SOAD in ballad form, while GH is a hybrid of heavy SOAD and Scars On Broadway. Makes me hopeful for a new album!

More detail on the charity angle - they all speak with such passion and knowledge:

Been talking about these in the heavy thread. 1st album still holds up i reckon although got no need for new SOAD in 2020.

Shame the drummer is a douchbag. Seems so at odds with the band/their normal stance

Word :+1: I chipped a tooth in the mosh pit at their Brixton Academy show back in 2002. Coincidentally, am finally due to get it fixed next month :rofl:



Enjoy the idea of people pitting to ‘my cock is much bigger than yours’