New Ten album out now (for fans of Tim Hecker, Swans and Steve Reich)



Hey everyone,

I spent a couple of years making a record and It’s finally released TODAY on CD and DOWNLOAD…
Thank you to all you lot for all your help along the way.

You can either buy it from here


Hope you all like it!


Errr, ‘thanks for our help along the way’? Not sure how we’ve done that…

This is my sort of thing though, so I’ll check it out later.


C&P wanker


Its just a figure of speech man, some people I know on here have helped me out.


are you a big pearl jam fan?


I never liked them but there is a link here…Eddie Vedder wrote the soundtrack to ‘intothewild’ which was partly inspired by my new record.


Mate, quit making music and start monetising that time machine :wink:

I’ll give this a listen :slight_smile: