New The War on Drugs

New album going to sound similar to LITD judging by this song. Pleasant enough.

It goes on for far too long, and that’s coming from me*!!!

*Grateful Dead/Phish/Tangerine Dream/Klaus Schulze fan.

By about 5 minutes yes

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looking forward to suck my cock part 2


Nice enough, no doubt there’ll be a couple of shorter zingers on the album.

My thoughts exactly.

Better after two or three listens. Was a little underwhelmed when I heard the first play on Laverne’s show this am.
Wonder if it’s on the new album ?

Really looking forward to this album… saw them live in a pretty small venue in Indianapolis a couple of years ago, they were magnificent & seemed really decent sorts as well.

Definitely my favourite band who re-appropriate Sultans of Swing for the indie millenials.


Yep, I’d go “pleasant”, but largely “underwhelming”. It does go on a bit and I’m not sure that it does anything very interesting after a couple of listens, but am hoping that the album will be very good anyway.


I do genuinely still like them

Yeah, they’re great. I know what you mean though

Really it just boils down to having a soft spot for dire straits


I saw them described as ‘the perfect mix of Sonic Youth and Springsteen’ somewhere and I thought that was pretty cool.


Really liked the last two albums, but saw them live on the last tour and found his Dylan style talking (and singing) voice, and Neil Young moves across the stage (seemed too obvious) a bit annoying and too derivative for me.

£34 (Manchester). Never been that convinced with them live to be honest.

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Enjoyed much of their Roundhouse gig sometime back, but not enough to find my way to Ally Pally. Can’t recall a particularly good gig experience there.

yeah fuck that, I want to see them but aint dropping £70 on a pair of tickets. #brexit