New The War on Drugs

Good news is at an arena you can give your feet a rest and have a sit down for 5 minutes during one of the several jammed outros and intros


Look forward to the new album. Hopefully they end up on a few festivals, as no way I’m paying £40 to see them at the 02 Academy in Birmingham. An awful venue.

If anyones thinking of going to one of the shows leeds arena is actually a really good venue, it’s not a bowl arena



First time I saw them on Slave ambient tour was at Stereo in Glasgow, it was a little long but it was pretty terrific. Second time at Field Day I practically fell asleep

Incredibly boring at Primavera a few years ago. Fuck knows why I saw them but my friend convinced me.

Edit - were pretty good when I saw them a couple years before that though.

Yeah - the look my girlfriend gave me once they got going was chilling. I would have stayed out of interest but she wasn’t having it . In fairness they’re a band I love for their production mania as much as anything else - so don’t necessarily expect them to be captivating live (yet think Live Drugs sounds immaculate).

In fairness to them they would have worked much better on one of the smaller stages in my opinion. The general soullessness of the main stages didn’t help.

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ooh, i was at that stereo gig too. it was fantastic, but i had to get the train home to edina before the end, because they started late and widdled on for so long :laughing:

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Kurt Vile was great there around the same time too - gutted i missed the WOD one as those two were on fire at the time

I was at that gig too.

I’m sure they played for over 2.5 hours! I left about 2 hours in as they’d played everything I wanted to hear and had moved into the “jamming for 15mins per song” stage

Just sat on a long train journey listening to Lost in the Dream and and having a little nostalgic cry. I have really strong associations from that album with A Particular Time In My Life, where it was a really apt soundtrack for things I was doing/going through. Albums like this have become become rarer as I’ve got older.

Does anyone else find that LITD had that kind off effect? Like, it sounds celebratory at times, but there’s always a current of anxiety throughout the record, sometimes below the surface but usually just there, and when I’m in the correct frame of mind it just cuts through to my core like very few records I’ve listened to.


I saw an old friend recently - their last day in the country before shipping out for at least a year. After they went to bed I sat in the back garden, perfectly drunk, and listened to Eyes To The Wind, while wearing sunglasses in the dark.

I had to laugh at myself, but man it felt great.


It was pretty much the only thing I could listen to when I went though a really awful breakdown a few years ago. Was something to
cling to and sort of gave me permission to feel hopeful again. So yep, it’s pretty much ingrained in me.


It’s always felt kind of cruel when people ridicule this album, given how much it’s about his anxiety and depression. Of course it doesn’t mean that people can’t dislike or even hate and trash talk it, but nevertheless it just feels sadder than when it happens than with other types of albums.

Yep nailed it. LITD soundtracked a year when me and my partner moved from our home city to an area we had collectively visited for about 6 hours previously, in amongst trying to build things from scratch I also had a tough year working through a masters which really burned me out.

The “bit run down here at the moment, just let me roll with it” line in Eyes to the Wind kind of became my mantra for a while.


Yeah, although I associate it with a quite a good time in my life, living with a group of friends in London, having just moved from a bad job and having quite a bit of fun.

Certainly amongst my favourite records of the 10s

Yep. Even just the starting drum fill/ascending piano line after the introduction of EttW makes me feel that line in advance, if that makes any sense?


Although I think Lost in the Dream is the highlight, the 2010s run of Future Weather (I think ‘Comin’ Through’ is one of their all time greats and the first song of theirs I ever heard) - Slave Ambient - Lost in the Dream - A Deeper Understanding , is just brilliant, and quietly makes them, for me, the best artist of the last decade.

Lost in the Dream ended up being my second favourite album of the 2010s, and ‘In Reverse’ was my number 3 song of the last decade.*

I have to say the first song off this new album is pretty weak, but it’s often the album tracks that stand out for me, rather than the singles, so I’m still very optimistic about the new one.

*Not that anyone cares, but my favourite album of the 2010s was Prins Thomas’s ‘Principe Del Norte’. I’ve never come across anyone who gives a toot about that album, but I find it really immersive and I never get tired of listening to it.

And my number 1 and number 2 tracks of the last decade were Mark Maguire’s ‘Noctilucence’ at number 1 and Gang Gang Dance’s ‘Glass Jar’ at number 2, which should give an indication of what kind of thing I was into - IE long, ambient, mostly lyricless, meandering tracks.

Absolutely great pick, that.

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Looks exactly the same as Dublin and I’ve enjoyed the gigs I’ve seen there