🍔 New: Theme Selector

I’ve added the ability to easily change themes to the burger:

Grey Skull is what I use:

Lemme know if there are any small changes you’d like made to the existing themes or new colour schemes you’d like named in your honour if you make a big donation to support the forums.

Omg I love it

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I changed it to Vincent and now I’ve lost the option to change it again :grimacing:

Ah phew, you can still change it in your preferences too.

Graceful makes me feel like I’m reading the site on WhatsApp. Amazing.

Oh I added those new ones after adding it to the burger. Need to add it to the theme.


These aren’t showing in desktop (nor is the footer still). At least for me they aren’t.

Thanks sean. Vincent is v classy imho.

Are you using Linux or some crazy browser caching?

Nah, Windows and Chrome. I’ve CTRL+F5’d too.

@sean I can’t get to my own settings anymore since changing the theme :joy::joy: The settings option here are admin site settings, not for me personally

I’ve now added it to all themes.

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Have added it to all themes so that should fix it.

Thanks! :grin:

Also I don’t know about you or the @moderators but I have this at the top of the page now. Doesn’t really matter of course but just so you know.

Fine for me, but I’m on the default theme.

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Doesn’t appear on mine - safari on Mac? Feeling left out :frowning:

Right… I think there’s something odd with the themes. On my mobile phone I switched to ‘Standard colours’ from ‘default’ because it is the only thing that allows you to stop that annoying header bar thing where your user icon disappears.

I just switched to mobile on here and I was on Default again. Once I saved as ‘standard colours’ I got the changes. Unfortunately it seems like ‘default’ isn’t affected by a lot of the updates you can do from the control panel.

Is there a chance you’ve changed some of your own preferences?

I’ll have a look at changing default.

I’ve just made Grey Skull the default colour palette.

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Wait is this why the colour of dis has changed for me this morning?