🎨 New Themes

To celebrate the new supporters function, I’ve added a few new themes in my lunchbreak.

There are 2 new ones for mobile heavy users, which has a slightly different header.

Hope you like them.


Use the three lines (or :hamburger: as they’re known) in the top right to change your theme if you don’t like the default.

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Have you changed the colours of standard? That was always my favourite.

Massively prefer a straight white background, to the off-white.

I’ve now re-added default colours. Apologies. Still remembering how this all works.

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Amazing, thanks Sean!

Is dark mode any different to grey skull now? Any chance we could return DM to what it looked like yesterday/add it in as a new/distinct theme?

Sorry, I accidentally changed something in the colour settings when trying to make the text readable. What was it about the old dark mode or grey skull that you preferred and I’ll create a new theme/fix one of them.

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Ooh - Minima looks very Old DiS


It’s purely the colours tbh - let me find a screenshot

The blue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well this won’t do.


I love whatever new theme I’m using

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The white’s gone grey in the wash.

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i like the jujing up (?) of the standard colours

I’m not sure if it’s linked to the change in theme, but I now cannot skip back up through a linked conversation by using the little up arrows.

eg the bit circled in red

Is anyone else having this issue?

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the Minima font is very fancy

it’s like we’re all writing for the New Yorker


Very much like Minima

It’s actually the original colours of the DiS website, I just set it up wrong years ago.

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Are we not?


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yes but don’t think it has anything to do with the themes (been happening for a while)

it’s probably a discourse issue