New things you're doing lately - lockdown edition

They really don’t

i do this of an evening anyway but it’s now nice to have my proper mint tea during the day rather than the crap teabags i have at work.

Just got an order from including a sample of their creme egg tea :blush:

Upping my Switch time, Skype calls with my family, and might actually get back on to teaching myself R properly.

Starting drinking during working hours
Taking drugs on weekdays

Enjoying the garden!


Tweeting more
Waking up and starting work earlier
Having showers at the end of the day
Experimenting with cooking more

Obsessively cleaning the flat (actually just trying to keep it clean whilst I’m around here more)

Lunch involves a cooking stage now, not just a sandwich construction one


from today - handwashing laundry.


Playing fucking loads of Doom

Reading middlemarch

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Lovely lego houses

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are you lying on a jigsaw?


Listening to brilliant playlists from members of

Doom, you say?

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Started hanging out in the living room more so 'er indoors feels less isolated.

Farting SIGNIFICANTLY less. Not on purpose, it’s just not happening.

Cutting my own hair.

Not spending any money

Realising that lack of time was not the main reason I never got around to doing things I vaguely thought I wanted to do more of.

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