New things you're doing lately - lockdown edition

Don’t bother, it’s shit

being able to go in the oven is my one big prerequisite for owning a pan

Getting bitten and stung by flying fuckers in the garden. :honeybee: :butterfly: :spider: FUCK OFF

I mean they are good but deadly

  • More Whatsapp chat with friends since we are all wfh currently.
  • More orders of online beer deliveries as me and my partner keep convincing ourselves because we can’t go out and do stuff as much we can keep on doing this.
  • Not doing as much exercise, all excuses coming out I can make.
  • Taking naps in the middle of the day because why not!..then sleeping for too long and feeling annoyed.

Rocket League

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Talked to more groups of friends on WhatsApp.
I hate Covid-19 memes now. All of them

Reading the word vector multiple times a day.

Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Seeing if I have enough money to buy a 3DS so I can play more AC
Did yoga for the first time this morning because I’m getting so stiff

Listening to the radio/falling back in love with music, albeit slowly.
Not wearing jeans.

spent the day midi drum editing, just made it worse

next doors decided now is the perfect time for getting his roof done :sob: feel a bit exposed now.

really ruining quarantine for me


Eating a lot of hot dogs