New things you're experimenting with

started saying “perfect” at the end of all customer service interactions
passes my coffee
perfect, thanks!
Sometimes the things and service might not be perfect, but I’m fully committed to this!

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I do this too!

Definitely get that feeling that I’m being a bit excessive at times, with the risk of it sounding sarcastic if the thing in question is only fine.

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that’s part of the beauty of it!


Yer man from The Magnetic Fields had a side project with titles that were difficult to pronounce. He called the band The Sixths and their two albums were Wasps Nests and Hyacinths and Thistles.

This has been today’s episode of Tedious Pop Facts


I had a dream where Dame Maggie Smith was having an argument with someone. She was dressed as Professor Whatever from Harry Potter and at the end of the argument she said in exasperation “Oh, I toss my hat”.

So I’ve started using that.


No new phrases, though I still do want to use “swell” in my lexicon.

I’m currently experimenting with a night time routine which includes meditating for 10 mins, and as such I’ve remembered things I’ve been trying to for years (might be a coincidence but the memories have all come to me during meditation).

Excellent work.

I wonder if I’d benefit from meditation. Probably, I suppose, and I certainly have the time.

Saying ‘I syrup-pose’ instead of ‘I suppose’. Seems to annoy people

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I call Harry Kane Billy Zane. Not going well.

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Hang in there, kid. People will come round.

I’ve been calling Josef Fritzl, Albert Schnitzel for a while now and no one’s buying it. Sometimes you’ve got to play the long game.

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Other people are fucking idiots.

When using a blow dryer, after turning it on, I point it towards my face and bite the air much like a dog would.

It’s more enjoyable than it seems on paper.


Yes, I syruppose they are

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I bought a mandoline so all my options are opening up


clementine man myself

Wearing a soft vest under my work clothes. So far, so good.

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Referring to football teams just by their nicknames

Baked beans with kimchi mixed in.

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I’ve gone all in for at least 18 months with “Groovy” to indicate agreement or approval for the work of colleagues. It’s going pretty well - have swerved sounding like the host of Jazz Club, which is nice.

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