New things

When was the peak of new things do you think? Maybe sometime 1960s-1980s.

Definitely feels like we are into diminishing returns now, the new things there are end up being just the same things with a more ridiculous name.


Reckon either sometime in the late 1800s when people were knocking out batteries and turbines like they were nothing, or maybe like the 1950s with the very first digital technologies according to this. For the 2000s, this article lists blu-ray discs, the iPhone and blockchains. How rubbish is that!

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The 1980s

I’m not sure you can discount stuff like the iPhone, mobile data and idk…wikipedia

Carrying a device around that allows you to almost instantly look up anything that humanity has any knowledge of ever would’ve seemed light years away even in the 90s (think how crap encarta was)


The 2010+ entries are nothing to be sniffed at. Arguably exponentially more impressive than most of the other inventions:

2010: The first solar sail based spacecraft, IKAROS, is launched by Japan.
2010: The first synthetic organism, Mycoplasma laboratorium is created by the J. Craig Venter Institute.
2019: IBM launches IBM Q System One, its first integrated quantum computing system for commercial use.


2016: Frinkiac


Feel like there are new things all the time and I can’t keep up, like cryptocurrency



Think SnapChat was the first new thing that flew over my head. It’s been steady since then, nothing gets in my thick skull anymore.


1928 - sliced bread

did we do much with that cloning stuff or was it just to make one (really nice) sheep?

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was written in 1978

When I read it to my eldest (when she was10 I think) she was like ’Oh my God, they invented the iPad and google & Wikipedia all at once!’



Yeah that’s just money but with a ridiculous name

It’s so much more than money, it’s a lifestyle baby. It’s money as art.