New update

Everything’s massive and you can view some replies on posts now. Really hate the bigger font, it’s making my eyes go weird.

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Feel like my grandchild has just made the text big on my phone and I have to pretend to be grateful at the same time as I’m reminded that my senses are failing me


I noticed the replies thing (good feature) but I can’t see any difference in text size or anything like that.


I actually saw the font change when I logged in this morning. It’s very slight to my eyes but maybe different on other phones etc

No change in font size on my phone but I already had it set to Smallest in preferences so presumably it’s only Normal that’s changed

Tried changing it to smaller and that was too small for me (same as it was before).

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Oh I see the text size difference on desktop but not on mobile

replies thing was always there? like the positioning has changed but we’ve been able to expand replies below a post for ages, no …?

On desktop yes, on mobile no

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Don’t mind the change to replies but the font size is now annoying (and Funkys right, changing it to smaller in preferences makes it too small).


Not sure if this is happening for other people, but I can’t see what posts I’ve liked - only a heart outline for those posts I’ve not yet liked.



Also I can only reply by clicking in the place where I think the reply icon might be. It appears momentarily and then disappears:

This is all on Chrome for Android btw

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I use Chrome on Android for DiS on my phone and the reply thing and likes are there, but the list of who’s liked a post are in a different place, and the font size and line spacing are just doing my head in to the point where I can’t use the site on mobile anymore. Aware this is for of a me-problem than anything else tbf.

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Just to demonstrate that this isn’t a problem on my work laptop (Microsoft Edge :smiley: )


You also made me like one of @funkhouser 's posts just to demonstrate a point.

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Is all of the weirdness still going on? Looks normal to me. @colinzeal and team?

Reply button and like button are both working okay now :blush: really can’t remember what the font/spacing looked like beforehand!

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@zeal :smiley:

I didn’t notice this when I did it (typical software bod… It works for me), but there could be some css changes that only affect particular mobiles.

@Funkhouser and/or anyone else with font size issues, can you tell me exactly what phone (brand and model) you’re using pls so I can try and emulate?

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Ahh! Will try to remember for next time :sweat_smile:

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I think the font size has been bumped up for the ‘Normal’ setting AFAIK

Haven’t forgotten about this, just haven’t had the time to dig enough.