New User of the Month

An illustrious group indeed.

Thank you sean, I know you selected us personally and this wasn’t an automated thing.

Only took me 13 years!

How many new users were there? 3 maybe

Feel like some of these new users haven’t lived up to the hype


Never heard of any of those users, pals

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Really sorry looking bunch there.

Living up to your username


Big congratulations to @sexico_mitty!!!


I’m tempted to quit and start again with a new username just so I can get this badge.


does it count if two users got it this month? you’re as good as sexico mitty, we’ll say that for you


Granted Oct '17

Fucking loads mate and we were the very best.

(I was #1 and you were #2)

Ha! Try it. This doesn’t just go to any random user!

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I’d like to think that with a bit of effort I could get my chat up to scratch.

You’ve got to be ready to put the work in. It won’t be easy.

Think you’re up to this?

Yeah I’ll even start drinking coffee to fit in (or at least lying about it). I’ll do anything it takes.


get a bike and join in with those pricks (or pretend to)

10 minutes banging on about castelli and ultegra and you’ll be dripping in Likes.

let me know when you start a new account and ill start a new account as well and we’ll compete for it! and if we’re very lucky we’ll be bound together for all time like sexybum and sexico mitty as joint new users of the month, what a dream

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@vineyand vs. @laelfo


Fellow NUOTMs,

Would anyone be up for meet up sometime soon? Just a few beers maybe and swap stories?

(@1101010 - can you create an @ handle so I can address all my guys at once)

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