New Users - Introduce yourself here

I’ve just invited over 100k people who’ve previously been signed up to the site. I know a lot of you were lurkers or maybe signed up but never signed in, so why not take the opportunity to say hello. Maybe tell us how you first came across the site and what you had for lunch today or about the last movie you saw (those two topics are often quite popular on the social board).

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Hi guys, welcome! Hope you have a terrific time on this fun, lively and engaging discussion board! :smile:


Leave your pants at the door else they are going to get soiled!!!


Stop bumping this you pair of jokers!

Extra strong pants on then. I didn’t know I had a DiS account but there you go - looking forward to talking about ye olde indie bands and growling about how I don’t understand what the ‘kids’ listen to.

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I just got so many emails … :smiley:

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Composer, former avant-folk bandleader (Songs from a Random House), publicist. Professionally biased/open-eared listener across billions and billions of genres.


In case you’re wondering where your invite came from, it’s probably because at some point in the past 16 years you’ve signed up to our forums or are in our editor’s address book.

Here’s an apology if you got more than one invite

How did I end up on DiS? Who knows. Worst 4 years of my life tbh

Yeah, I mainly lurked. Might post a bit now now it looks nicer on the phone. Be gentle…

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hello new users

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Nice to see you again Sean. Thanks fr the invite. Even if you did send it to 100k people, I still felt special coz you invited me. :wink:


100,000 dissers can’t be wrong

Hello DIS.

New boards, so we figured we should drop in and say hello.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

We’re a Post Alt Rock band I guess, we’ve been kicking around for
some time, but you’ve probably never heard of us. That’s our fault,
we’re not that great at shouting about ourselves, which is probably not
the best quality for an unknown band, but it is what it is.

We’ve recently gained a new member too, so we’ve gone from a 3 piece,
to a 4 piece. I suppose, thinking about it, we’re all new to you, so
that’s not really news.

I’m not even sure this post is in the right place on this forum, but I’ll leave it here and maybe someone will read it anyway.

We’ve done some video’s, we shot and edited them ourselves, and we’re
pleased with them, we wanted to share them with you guys so, In some
sort of order.

There Or Thereabouts:

Local Hero:

And the newest one.

Appropriately named.


Whole new EP coming soon too, which if you like any of these at all, you’ll probably like the EP.

So that’s us, Super73.


This forum will probably fast become my workplace distraction. I can see it happening.

All the best for now.




Hi Sean and fellow DiS-ers,

As a long time DiS follower, this could be something very special for UK new music fans.
Good honest views a side-step away from the Twittersphere and maybe the PR spinners (sorry PR spinners, I still love you really).

I’m Jim and inspired by Sean and his peers, I have been contributing a teeny bit to the world of new music through our blog, Getting Near Dawn.
It used to be here but we have tired of that so it’s now here on that there Facebook

Anyhoo, see you round,


haha. Mebbe. But still, if you don’t speak up you don’t get heard.

It’s totally fine. An introduction is about who you are. If your band is your life, and people here are music fans, why not?