New Users - Introduce yourself here



Hey up. Long time lurker coming out of the closet, basically here for the gaming thread. I had a tuna wrap for lunch.


Hi Oli :raising_hand_woman::alien::surfing_man:


Don’t think I ever saw the my vitriol thread. Anyone care to dig it out for Smee?


u could try out my mate’s coIIective ‘inner peace records’ - obviousIy, it being a coIIective, there wiII be artists and projects u dig more than others but it’s somewhere between conscious rap and pharcyde/prince pauI/diIIa acolytes.



I used to post very very very sporadically on the old boards under the name dead_fred. Ringing absolutely no bells?

I like this new forum layout and things and stuff so I might now post very very very sporadically under the name Calien here.

I had Sambal Sauce Chicken and Rice for lunch. Used to make proper music with proper guitars and long hair. Now I make crap electronic noises on my basic free version of GarageBand on the iPad.

Good day all X


Have you all seen the thread containing a list of thread ideas that you could all start?


Hi everyone! I’m Harry, 22, English grad student at UCL. Have a son with my girlfriend (a complete surprise, concealed pregnancy, story I’ll never top as long as I live) born to us late November last year who takes up most of our time outside of studying and work.

Inspired to sign up by the great new layout. Look forward to talking music of all forms etc X


Hi pals, my name’s Ruffers and I’m an alcoholic


welcome new friend, you’re at home here


you can change that username right away


back after an absence. Will hang around decide whether I’m out of touch or whether DiS pumps through my veins still. I’ve somehow become badvibes rather than si_badvibes. Don’t know how it happened. Maybe underscores are a bit old fashioned so I’ve been upgraded by Sean?

Holy shit. You can edit now.


I would like to hear this story and I think it deserves its own thread


I think you can edit your username as well! Good to see you over here badvibes!




si! fucking awesome


this is wild. not sure I can handle it. Lurking will never be the same again


PM sent :+1:


hey guys - glad to be invited. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.


No problem


@sauce is my favourite