New Users - Introduce yourself here



It’s totally fine. An introduction is about who you are. If your band is your life, and people here are music fans, why not?


Sometimes actions speak louder than words…


Can we use the term ‘newsers’ instead please?


I like that, nice one




Creating music has been my life for a considerable amount of time.

It’s who we are that’s true.

I half expected to be pulled up on it, but you need thick skin right?

Mine must be near leather.


Most of the time actions speak louder than words Antpocalypsenow, that’s a fair statement.

We have made actions, sometimes, like on a forum. Words are all you have. :wink:


AphexTwinkletoes ^Thised this

Thanks @Antpocalypsenow. I’ve ‘liked’ your original post in order to keep this thread private. Pretty sure that works the same way as ^thising posts did on the old forum, but I’ve written it in this one as well just in case. Basically, I don’t want to sound needy, but could you go back and ‘like’ my post, rather than posting to say you liked it. It would be good for my stats. Ta.


"200k page views might mean it costs way more to run these boards!“
some time later
"100,000 new users? What’s the worst that could happen?”


Yeah, stop patronising Super73, sean, they can look after themselves.

You guys are alright, hit me up next time you are touring East Surrey.


And they take my breath away :wink:


I’ve ‘liked’ the post quoted above so I’m pretty sure we’re in the clear.

Sorry, man. I’ll go back and rectify this immediately. Gotta get those badges hey! :wink:


Sure thing, we’ll be chucking shows around later this year. Should all these actions we’re involved with come to fruition. Sometimes, it’s like herding cats.


HAhaHA. :wink:


I signed up in 2003 aged 13 and this is the first time I’ve posted. I only signed up for the reviews, never actually read the forums until I recently spent 45 glorious minutes reading the My Vitriol comeback thread on the old forum, so I thought I’d start joining in.

goes back into hiding for next 13 years only to un-lurk when a wonderful thread emerges that documents At The Drive-In’s repeated failure to release the follow-up to RoC


It might be fine. About 6 of them were emails belonging to me, it seems.


I’m new here. Hello!




For any bands, the best way to get your music heard, and indeed critiqued, is probs via Martin Clunes on the music board


I wonder how many of those 100K emails were to ma0sm’s joke accounts?