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How many of you are still here? Don’t go back into the woodwork, come back out!

super73, how’s the band promotion?
joseph, how’s the writing?
carmen, you haven’t disappeared for another 13 years have you?
lucien, stop lurking you bell




you should @ them


thought about it, then couldn’t be arsed. I probably should’ve though. It’s a shame there’s nothing to be done now though.


Nah, @'ing them removes the check that they are looking at threads, surely? :wink:


I’m not trying to catch them out! Although, that is a good idea.


Pretty sure only one of them’s @still_here


Still here. I’m freelance and work from home so this is my new procrastination station for the foreseeable


hi @carmen

tell us something about yourself

like: what did you have for breakfast this morning?


And don’t forget to guess chadders’ favourite biscuit.


@chadders I think you mean.


He doesn’t need @-ing, he’s omipresent.


A cup of tea - forgot/couldn’t be arsed to get milk for cereal last night/this morning so I’m just hanging on until lunch. I made a chick pea curry last night for dinner so I’m gonna bang that in the microwave as soon as it hits midday.


they all left cos of the stupid no chat thing


How was the curry?


Not great, we had no paprika in last night and it’s apparently a key ingredient. Also I used Waitrose essentials chick peas instead of the really cheap ones that disintegrate into a mush so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating something that might be good for you. (Not a regular Waitrosée BTW, we had a voucher)

I’ll treat myself to some KFC or something on the way to Snowdonia tonight to make it up for the disappointment


No need to be embarrassed about shopping in Waitrose. We’re a broad church here.

“on the way to Snowdonia” is a story in itself.


A group of old uni mates often get together for hiking/scrambling/more-hardcore-stuff-that-I-don’t-do weekends so we’re off to Wales this weekend. I quite fancy having a crack at this if it’s not pissing it down (unlikely):


What’s the story, yam?

Tell us your favourite dessert.


Sticky toffee pud. Or basically anything with custard. Might have do a custard based thread in fact.