New Vessels album


Follow up to one of the best albums of 2015. Out end of September, lead single with vocals from Wayne Coyne:

Buzzing for this


ooh, me too. Really liked the last one. I see there are tour dates on that link as well, might venture over to Cardiff


really hope they get ‘big’(ger) off this album, been such a huge fan of these guys since they started - getting wayne coyne and john grant on the album is a pretty big deal


that new track is a massive banger


I don’t know many/any bands that have reinvented themselves that radically and pulled it off with such gusto. Excited to hear this


This is great news, loved all their releases since the start. May have to see them at the Brudenell in September.

Always loved the Bob Ross samples in this;


NICE! Loved the last album. There’s another new song on Spotify called Radiart.


Prefer this one I think, both excellent though of course


Likewise, and it’s only an edit. Can’t wait to hear the album version


Enjoying this on first listen but think I slightly prefer the instrunental tracks to those with the guest vocalists.


It’s taken me a long time to get into the track with The Flaming Lips on it but it’s got some cracking songs on it.