New week, New Monday Thread


2am sleep times seem to be the lockdown norm right now, feeling very tired right now.

Drop the kids home, then work from 9am, which I couldn’t have less enthusiasm for. Hopefully my new office chair might arrive today.

Jigsaw this evening in front of USA 94.

Silly baby woke up ultra-sad today - still won’t sit still but didn’t want any toys or books so was just walking around aimlessly, tears everywhere :sob: Feel bad about having to work.

Morning! I meant to get up and do some Ring Fit before working, but I’ve been drinking coffee in bed and staring at the internet instead. Slept terribly.

Going to start sorting a virtual works games night for Wednesday. Said I’d do so over the weekend and forgot :grimacing:. Might make another animation at lunch time.

Time to get ready for the commute to the living room.

I like a good jigsaw. What’s the picture @he_2 ? Do you look at the picture on the box as you’re doing it? My mum and her partner have a rule that you can look at the picture on the box before starting, but not while you’re doing it. Too hardcore for me.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


We were supposed to be moving offices this week, they but the shut the old office and moved all the stuff last week.

Someone has written a poem to the old office.


There’s a cat in the hedge!


What are you gonna do?


let’s Monday, I guess, then


Tiny human alarm clock hasn’t adjusted from the clocks changing so I got a relatively late wake up call (but this will almost certainly mean another late bedtime, so swings/roundabouts)

Think I’m meant to be making some kind of stew later and also some flatbreads. Other than that no real plans. R has some ongoing game he is playing with his nan so I might get to sit back a bit as he isn’t interested in playing it with me.




Fucking knackered

Let’s go Monday! Got the house nice and organised yesterday so we’re ready to rock, going to do some exercise and then it’s working time. Got some video calls lined up for the kid so she can chat with her mates. Hope everyone has a good day!


Morning all. Got an early night but the clocks shifting means I’m still knackered this Morning.

Today has been no easier than last week for shifting back into work mode than last Monday. Just staring blankly at outlook.

Burning my granola bars hasn’t helped. Still edible but with bits that are a little bitter.


It’s the flags of the world, I’m aiming not to look at the box as I go, good test of capital cities as well as I go along :slight_smile:


2hrs in rn. Today will be fine. Broadband inexplicably dropped last night and won’t connect. Can’t fathom what it could be. Annoying.

Might get out of bed in a bit.

Waiting on some exciting post but no idea when it’ll arrive.

Ran out of creme eggs last night.

i’d eat those

Nice. Enjoy! Fancy doing one, but the only one we have in the flat is a Christmas one. Don’t want to incur the wrath of Father Christmas.

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Your post can be adjusted into a pleasing haiku:

Might get out of bed.

Waiting on some exciting post.

Ran out of creme eggs.