New Weird Britain

Anyone else been following the series on R4 with yer man from The Quietus?

Finding it really interesting - John Doran presents well and he’s had some fascinating people on so far. Covering bands/artists like Richard Dawson, AJA, Richard Skelton, Gazelle Twin, Lone Taxidermist, Guttersnipe etc and a broad nationwide look at scenes, collectives and record labels in the context of recent political events too.

Series is here:

And a primer article here:


I haven’t but sounds great. Really like the British Masters thing Doran did, he’s an excellent interviewer imo. Will check it out - cheers.

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Yup, have listened to the first two episodes. Definitely some interesting artists in there who I was not familiar with previously.

Enjoy John Doran’s narration too - his voice has a pleasingly relaxing droney quality to it…

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Ooh thanks for the tip, will check this out - sounds really interesting.

His Radio 4 documentary on Aphex Twin was excellent.

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I’d come across the articles but didn’t know there was a series

This is exactly the sort of thing BBC radio should be doing

Good on em I’ll check it out

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This has been on my ‘to listen’ list for too long - I really need to be putting on to the ‘things I have listened to and enjoyed’ list now instead.


Thanks for the tip. Will give this a go. I like John Doran


Wish i was better at listening to podcasts/radio, just never occurs to me to stick one on. I do the read the ‘NWB’ articles on the quietus website though and i do give something a spin if it takes my fancy. Love The Quietus and john seems like a gbol so I’ve resolved to give this a go later.

This is great! And it’s reminded me I really need to catch up with Richard Skelton’s recent work.

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He should have a regular program. Really liked the podcasts they put out, but they haven’t done any recently.

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