New worriedaboutsatan album & tour for 2019


For those of you who still follow the ol’ satan machine, we’re putting out a new album next year, and hitting the road to support it. Dates are here, and in London & Leeds we’ll have Lowering and Steve Hadfield supporting, as seen on the DiS label, Disintegration State.

Should be fun!





Honoured to be playing alongside you guys. Also worth bumping all the solo releases from this year (and I had a sneak preview of the new Thomas Ragsdale out later this month which is mega).


nice! yeah, we’ve been pretty busy this year! should have a nice little merch table with all our solo stuff too :slight_smile:


DiS meat at The Castle def


I saw you last year at Kino, you were really great! I live in Amsterdam now but if you do a EU toyr I’ll be there.


Mega excited about this - both seeing you guys perform and supporting in London! :grin:


YAsass! Knew today was the day to wear my satan tee to work.


haha! now that is spooky.


oh aye, gonna be ace! cheers for supporting too - can’t wait to see what you come up with!


ah, that’s a shame! hopefully we’ll be able to get over to the EU a bit more, but it’s tough doing these things by yourself!


Only 50 whole days until this happens…


It’s coming round fast! Dawned on me that my set ‘builds’ from starting at 130 BPM right down to 100 by the end which I’m confident is the way to energise a crowd.


I think you’ll find the right way to get a crowd “pumped” is to dispense with beats entirely and play formless guitar and synth drones.


@McGarnagle @AphexTwinkletoes haha, having done both, I can assure you both are a very vaild way of pumping up crowds. well, crowds that come to see us, anyway :wink:


I think you two need to get your heads together and do a set that starts at 130bpm and gets right down to 0. I reckon somewhere around 20 will be the sweet spot that brings the ruckus.


You joke, but mine will drop to 20 temporarily if my laptop can managed to smooth out the change sufficiently :upside_down_face:


Right then! Album is out on shiny vinyl this Wednesday (yes, wednesday) - I’m assuming the digi follows on Friday. Oh, and new video for a track off it is up now:


This is really good, absolutely all over this.




just sneaking back in here to say that the new album’s out now: