New worriedaboutsatan album



Just thought a few of you might be interested in the new 'satan record, popping onto shelves November 25th. More info here:

(Jag over, sorry!)


I saw them support Tim Hecker and was really impressed (always swerved them for someone reason, think i heard one or two average tracks and the name is a bit offputting). Will check out the new LP though, and would like to catch them live again





I like this news. :thumbsup:


Good band


haha, we’ve had our fair share of shit for the band name. we tried changing it once, but it felt weird. Glad you enjoyed the Hecker support - that was an amazing gig to be part of!


your number on the new wire tapper cd is really good, I’d like to hear you play out one day.


thanks! we had to edit it down a bit so it’d fit on the CD, but there’s a fuller version on the new record. we’re off on tour in Feb, hopefully we’ll come to your town- where you based?


oxford. I think you’ve played the cellar and/or the wheatsheaf before, but I was probably working.


ah, only gig we’ve done in Oxford was in about 2008 I think. Played the Bullingdon Arms with Rival Consoles to about 5 people! the promoter booked it on May day, and neglected to tell us that May day in Oxford is a pretty big deal, and no-one would want to see awkward electronica. Plus the promoter’s mate kept trying to get our CD for free, and ended up not paying us. Classic satan.


Satan with Rival Consoles? I envy those 5 people!


dang, I don’t remember that gig listed. this years may day at the bully, I honestly heard of people asking for £80, £100 for their tickets to tama sumo.


just see you in the credits of the new adam Curtis film. ubiquitous satan.


ah yeah, he used a lot of our stuff in the film. I was in the credits too, as ‘music supervisor’ - he couldn’t think what to call me, so ended up just using that. been showing off all week!


haha, yeah it was a very strange night. I remember it feeling like an absolutely humongous room, as no-one was in there. the promoter gave up after that gig too, i think. probably for the best.


Title track from the album up to listen to here…


We did a song with Anathema’s Vincent Cavanagh btw, so we thought we’d give you all a chance to listen/ buy it before the album comes out on the 25th. Enjoyyyyyy:


Great choice for a remixer too! Been listening his latest album ‘Ill Tides’ loads recently.


Loving this new stuff!