New Year bangers thread


It’s 00:01. Which banger do you reach for to see in the new year?



Pub I go to has ‘I see a darkness’ by bonnie prince billy on the jukebox, I always attempt to line it up so it comes on at midnight, never got the timing right yet but it does come on eventually, that song played at pub music levels while people are reveling is quite something, it’s like a Christmas episode of eastenders or something



Or the codeine version


Used to time this in the pub I used to work in so that it’d end just as it hit midnight. The tension as the regulars waited for it to finish followed by destroying the pub was incredible.


Tradition with my pals is to listen to Enter Sandman at midnight for some reason. Not sure where it came from or why the tradition has been maintained but it feels important now.


That said, tonight it’ll be this.


I keep toying with the idea of watching STALKER as if to foreshadow the steamrolling of ideological uncertainty in the near future

Either that or the Uptown Funks natch

#10 If I ever did anything on New Years I’d insist on playing this cus I’m a right soppy bastard


no wait

‘Don Aman’ by Slint








Basically listened to this for the past 45 mins